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ATSMU Mission & Vision

Education is essential to the full development of modern society, the key to its prosperity and stability. We work as Avicenna Tajik state medical university admission consultant, provide you knowledge about the university and helps you to get Avicenna Tajik state medical university admission. Primary mission of the University is determined by taking into account the specific historical realities, education, challenges facing them and need to be addressed, which are formed in the context of geographical, socio-economic and spiritual conditions. At the same views on the goals and objectives of education may have its own specific features, takes into account the peculiarities of different walks of life, professional and social groups. Avicenna Tajik State Medical University is genuinely youthful foundation, which has just 70-year history, while numerous well known for the university has a centuries-old method for development.

ATSMU has passed a difficult way of becoming a university education in a historically very short period of time and are going through a particularly challenging period. Part of the national policy of the Republic of Tajikistan and one of the top priorities is to reform the education system and health This becomes especially important in the era of globalization and new technologies, when education is considered as one of the most effective forms of investment in the future of the country.

Republic of Tajikistan with the expanding coordination processes current education in the world imposes special prerequisites on the competitiveness of the Tajik education framework. We, as witnessed unprecedented rapid change in all circles of society, a historical period described by dynamic development of information, the appearance of new research directions are effectively changing scientific priorities, the consistently evolving new technologies that occur within a single generation. Therefore, our university has formulated objectives of modern university training and education, refusing at the same from the old.

The Principle Of Quality

The main direction of the principle of quality in ATSMU is to provide modern high-quality training on the basis of preserving its fundamental nature and in line with current and future needs of the individual, society and the state. All this is determined by the concept of modernization Tajik medical and pharmaceutical education.

The Principle Of Orientation Training

Education is unthinkable without the transfer of knowledge from generation to generation, without the constant involvement in the research and teaching process of young minds. educational process in the university program aimed at training professionals to create the most effective conditions for their professional growth, development, motivation and monitoring of learning outcomes, continuous updating of knowledge, effective professional activity is considered to be the basic principle of orientation training in ATSMU.

Priority for the faculty of the university is the honor - to teach the younger generation, to open them to the unknown, to build and improve a person.


To Carry Out Its Mission, The University

Organizes the educational process at all levels of education using modern innovative technologies based on a comprehensive modernization; develops as the basis of high quality education, basic and applied research, creating innovative space research and educational environment, through the development and implementation of innovative active organo-and resource-saving diagnostic , therapeutic and preventive technology implements priorities for improving the quality of life and health of the population of the Republic of Tajikistan; improving management system in the field to ensure high quality of university management at the Faculty of Public Health, to develop the material and technical basis for its educational, scientific and medical activities, infrastructure, guaranteeing social protection for workers and students; integrates into a single educational space, developing various forms of international cooperation.

Avicenna Tajik State Medical University named after Abu Ali ibn Sina, as a scientific and creative team of academics, professors, teachers, staff and students, and the heir to an outstanding scientist and philosopher Avicenna sees East as its ultimate goal the preservation and transmission of the cup of knowledge, experience.