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Admission Process

The admission process of foreign prospective students is conducted in support or collaboration with authority or official representatives having official agreements with ATSMU and appropriate authorities. Agreements between the ATSMU and official delegates incorporate the following liabilities: encourage public relations in home countries, check genuineness of students' documents, and certifies that applicants have no other goals or aims with the exception of the aim to get medical training & education while staying in Tajikistan.

Entry (arrival) and training expenses of foreign students at ATSMU include: admission fees, tuition expenses, hostel fee.. These payments must be made as per ATSMU rules and procedures.

Living expenses of students in Tajikistan including food, visa extension and registration charges along with other daily expenses must be covered by students for their own in compliance with ATSMU rules and regulations.

Admission Requirements

Necessary Conditions:

• Completed intermediate education(12 years), equivalent to secondary education of the Tajikistan.
• 50 % rating scores in Biology, Physics, Chemistry.
• Admission fee (is not returned on violation)
• Paying capacity


Necessary Documents (Originals):

• Certificates of completed intermediate education.
• Passport with proper entry visa.
• Medical reference – 086 frame, (medical examination can be given in the Medical Center of the ATSMU)
• Application form.
• 10 photos (3x4cm).