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About Shri Hari ConsultancyImprove abilities to assess new information critically

About Shri Hari Consultancy

#Dr. Rajendra Chipa

Medical profession is a lifelong learning career. Shri Hari Consultancy, welcoming you to their school to be a part of one of the most fascinating human profession - the profession of Doctor. Our medical school has significant involvement and experience in preparing of doctors for foreign countries & employs the best specialists of Tajikistan Republic. We have a close cooperation with leading foreign medical institutions that ensures you the high quality of training.

Strong academic potential and collaboration with medical institutions, use of recent or modern technologies ensure best professional training and future and future professional activities and achievements of our graduates. We concern the best training techniques that make it possible for students to develop problem-solving skills, learn how to get information and improve abilities to evaluate new information critically. Medical Training is all based on current or up-to-date standards applied in European countries.

We pay our attention on offering students the training programs best fit to their home country or places where they want to practice in future. We also pay attention towards the personal growth of students by applying personal approach to each of them and provide them instant possible help to solve their problems related to accommodation, privacy, and security. We are personally answerable and responsible for you.

Dr. Rajendra Chipa
Shri Hari Consultancy